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AmChampions ’18: Most Engaged Member Companies

by Alexandra Trandafir, Communications & Community Manager, AmCham Belgium

This year, we introduced the first edition of the AmChampion Awards to recognize the member companies within our community which have been most engaged with AmCham Belgium. We were very happy to announce the winners of the inaugural AmChampion Awards during our Thanksgiving Dinner last week.

Our AmChampions ’18 are: in the small company category, FTI Consulting and, in the large company category, ING Belgium. Congratulations and thank you for being such an integral part of our community!

We had the opportunity to speak to our AmChampions ’18 and here’s what they had to say about their award and, more generally, about their partnership with AmCham Belgium.

How do you feel now that you’re an AmChampion?

Annemie Nolf, Customer Journey Expert at ING Belgium, said:

We are very happy to accept this award and be an AmChampion. We have been working together with AmCham Belgium for a number of years, but the last year was very intense. We did many interesting projects together, especially for instance around the Year of Logistics, so we are very happy and thankful to work together with this super professional team.

Indeed, ING’s ambassadorship of AmCham Belgium has been limitless in the past year! From playing an overarching role in our Year of Logistics as the program sponsor, to leading two of our Committees – Government Relations Forum and Membership – and hosting not only some of our public events, but also many internal AmCham Belgium meetings.

Kara Condon, Senior Director, Strategic Communications, expressed FTI Consulting’s excitement to win the AmChampion Award for small companies:

This is really a great honor for FTI and we try to do everything to be involved, so we really appreciate the recognition.

And FTI truly achieves an outstanding level of engagement with AmCham Belgium. Throughout the past year – and not only – the company has seized every opportunity to maximize their collaboration with the Chamber: from being an event and meeting host, to sharing their expertise with the AmCham community, and actively contributing to our Communications and Young Professionals Committees.

Why do you think it’s important to engage with AmCham Belgium?

"One of the points that we appreciate most about AmCham is its diverse membership that cuts across all bits of business from small to large, US and international”, continued Kara. This gives FTI Consulting, and other members alike, access to meet and work with a wide range of companies towards the common goal of creating a prosperous Belgium.

Perhaps the core reason to engage with AmCham Belgium is because this will lead to a successful member journey. In the words of Dave Deruytter, Head of Expatriates, Non-residents, Privilegio at ING Belgium, “To engage with AmCham Belgium is essential for the success of your membership. It’s like a vending machine: the more you put into AmCham Belgium, the more will come out.”

Do you have a favorite moment at AmCham Belgium?

Watch the short interviews with our AmChampions '18 to find out what their favorite AmCham Belgium moments are:

From the Thanksgiving Dinner which is all about thanking and connecting with our community, to our Committee-driven events designed to help achieve our advocacy goals and enable knowledge-sharing, such as the Post-Election Discussion with Rik Van Cauwelaert, our AmChampions ’18 appreciate the breadth and depth of our activities and engage with AmCham Belgium at each possible level.

Once again, congratulations to our AmChampions ’18, FTI Consulting and ING Belgium! Keep on inspiring us and our community!

What is YOUR favorite AmCham Belgium moment? Contact me and let’s write your member story.